“LInk Wray meets Primus by way of Crazy Horse, or what might happen if Rush played incognito at a cowboy bar - Horsefly Gulch is a twang-tastic good time!” - Michael Witthaus

Inspired by retro-rock of the 70's mixed with hints of modern folk Horsefly Gulch members have their roots seeded deep within the New England music scene. Branching off from a popular New Hampshire metal band the trio diverages away from the heavy side of things but still manages to keep its roots firmly on the ground. The first single - "The One The Got Away" & second single "Snake Dance" were released in 2023 to positive reception. Musically encouraged by the local landscape, people and stories, Horsefly Gulch released their debut album - A Western Love Story - on March 19th, 2024.